Bringing together startups and industry to collaborate on innovations that will dramatically improve employment outcomes in Africa

Creating The Big Startup

BDRev offer a unique model of combining technology partnership, incubation and domain/tech acceleration capabilities for founders. Combining state of the art services with access to a global ecosystem allows us to create the next big startup or product. Let us partner and build your legendary company together.

We Incubate, Nourish & Grow Startups

We craft to leverage the inherent skills, which enables to unleash the full potential of core competencies. Encouraging innovation in technology is a key point of ours. We love to experiment, innovate & play with technology, ensuring it helps create a unique differentiation from the crowd. We craft things with innovation for the next big Startups.

We are uniquely positioned with skills to build your next big Startup

We are a team of passionate technologists with over a decade of experience crafting digital solutions for everyday needs. We solve challenges to create digital experiences that make your life more ambitious. We ensure accessibility to the right technology and technical expertise on-time, every time for everyone.