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Benefits of Smart Farming

Water Conservation

Weather predictions and soil moisture sensors allow for water use only when and where needed.

Increased Quality of Production

Analyzing production quality and results in correlation to treatment can teach farmers to adjust processes to increase quality of the product.

Remote Monitoring

Local and commercial farmers can monitor multiple fields in multiple locations around the globe from an internet connection

Lowered Operation Costs

Automating processes in planting, treatment and harvesting can reduce resource consumption, human error and overall cost.

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Smart Spraying

Smart spraying helps you detect and kill pests easily and know what your crops and trees need. With economical and efficient crop protection, you can grow your business faster with a spray system you can always count on.

Automatic irrigation System

An automatic watering system ensures that your plants always receive an optimal level of care. It  has a huge advantage over a manual system in that it does not need human intervention.